The critical success factor to implement the approach

The 4th phase is reviewing all the things that have been captured, clarified and organised, but not yet done. (Doing = stage 5).  Having gained control of our busy world, stage 4 allows us to maintain control.  Naturally, we will carry out mini daily reviews, checking the calendar, tasks and so on.  But a deeper Weekly Review is also recommended.

Most productivity models include an element of a weekly approach (Steven Covey – Weekly Planning, David Allen – Weekly Review, Michael Hyatt – Weekly Preview).  


There is no one correct answer – and if it isn’t working at a certain time for you, try moving it to another slot.  Why not schedule it now?  Either put it into your calendar as a weekly recurring appointment or into your actions system as a weekly recurring task.

The slides below show how to ensure your Weekly Review is effective and what to include to ensure it is thorough.

When do you find best for yours?  Tell us in the comments below.

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The Weekly Review will sharpen your intuitive focus on your important projects as you deal with the flood of new input and potential distractions coming at you the rest of the week.

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