About David Longstaff

David has accumulated vast experience in productivity and workload stress.

Since the 1990’s as a director of a fast-paced dot-com and on the senior management team in a multi-national consulting firm, David has learned the principles of managing a busy and balanced life while motivating successful teams.


From 2009, he has spent many hours supporting senior management teams to cope with their workload and training 1,000’s of delegates at his seminars.  He also provides personalised one-to-one coaching for busy professionals, helping them to develop their workload system.

David delivers training across a wide variety of sectors and professions, including corporate development programmes, universities, colleges, local government and health sector.

A unique blend of three factors make him ideally suited to support busy executives of all levels:

  1. His personal experience dealing with challenges at a senior level
  2. An extensive understanding of productivity models and workflow methodologies
  3. Expertise using high (and low) tech tools to manage a busy workload

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