About the Programme

This course has been developed to support busy professionals, providing an approach which improves productivity, while reducing stress.

Staying on top of our work in this fast-paced world is becoming increasingly difficult.  Some feel overwhelmed by their workload which can have a knock-on effect to personal life.  Others simply want to refine their tools and systems.

This highly acclaimed course, presented by David Longstaff, is not traditional time management, but is a blend of methodology and technology, providing frameworks and tools to support staff even in a climate of ‘doing more with less’.


The programme is available in various formats:

  1. Self-guided (Standard)
    •  The layout of the programme is easy to follow and members can progress through the course in their own time using the accompanying articles, videos and exercises.
  2. Supported (Premium)
    •  For those who want that extra incentive, we also offer live, online introductory sessions* and a follow up 2-hour technical session to implement the tools.  Participants cover the Focus and Plan frameworks at their own pace.  
  3. Live online workshops (Premium Plus)
    • Our popular team sessions* are usually delivered as 3 x 2 hour sessions for groups.  The eLearning is then provided as follow up support as participants embed these material and habits.

*The training is available using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Collaborate and other video platforms.

Thinking of ideas


The opening section of the programme provides a simple, hierarchical view of our life.  The framework comprises of 5 key levels to create clarity, a logical approach to help with decision-making.

  • Focus on priorities
  • Learn to say “No” to low priorities
  • Manage projects effectively
  • Overcome procrastination

| Plan

This section provides a 5-phase approach to manage a busy workload and help you maintain control, even when things are coming at you ‘thick and fast’.

  • 5 stage workload model
  • Capturing effectively into trusted systems
  • Embedding the Weekly Review
  • Creating to-do lists that work
Desk of creative person

| Do It

This final key element helps participants to create a system to support their busy and often overwhelming workload. This session is a practical, hands-on live event with plenty of time to ask questions as we set up tools to support the methodology.  This section can be delivered using Microsoft tools or for Google-based organisations.
Highlights (Microsoft option)
  • Setting up Microsoft OneNote effectively
  • Getting the best from Outlook (inbox zero)
  • Synchronizing the tools and using MS To Do and Microsoft Planner
Highlights (Google option)
  • Using Google Keep/Tasks
  • Getting the best from Gmail (inbox zero)
  • Synchronizing the tools with Google Calendar
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10:40am – 11:30am